Death Race 200:200:200

Body Death Race 200

Imagine you walk into a hospital vestibule. Or are carried in on a gurney. You can be young, old, ill, or just getting some elective surgery done. But you plan (or it is planned for you) to stay for about five or six days.

In the vestibule is a doctor with a gun. Lucky he is a bad shot, because he fires at you.  Depending on circumstances, you might be the one in 10 he actually hits. In five or six days, you are out, or still suffering from the wound if you were shot. Except that one of each 20 shot at leaves the hospital in a body bag. That is about one in 200 admissions catches a disease while staying more than five nights in a public hospital, and leaves in a hearse.

In Australia, about 10% of patients acquire an infection while in hospital. One in 20 of those dies from the infection. That is about 600,000 people infected annually (at a cost of about $10 billion in treatment), and 30,000 dead.

The health system considers this to be efficient. So what if one in 200 patients die simply because they received an infection while a patient? So what if the infections cost $10 billion a year to treat?

Well, 199 patients didn’t die, and $90 billion was spent on other medical matters.

We consider 3000 dead on the roads each year to be a tragedy. But 30,000 dead each year because of poor hospital hygiene and incompetent supportive treatment, is just a statistic.

Go figure.

About alarchdu

This blog is just a stream of consciousness. I was severely crippled in 2007, and these are the thoughts generated as I think on this.
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