Long Gap

Long Gap

I can’t believe that it has been over five months since I made my last blog entry. Abut that time the pain in my joints became so severe from my attempts at moving myself around that the quack prescribed meloxicam. It actually did ease the pain, but I think part of the effect was from removing any incentive to move. Getting up to type a blog entry was just too hard. And I have 15MB of unanswered e-mails to attest to my immobility!

After 18 months, I still can’t get an "official" recognition that I am crippled. It means I have to have a medical examination for every time I try to get some assistance. For example, even though I am pretty much now confined to a wheelchair or a walker, the housing people refuse to assess me as needing wheelchair-enabled accommodation. According to a source within Health, I have not be recognised as being crippled, since to do so would open up the door for asking why I was crippled in the first place, and why no follow-up was arranged after I was discharged from hospital!

Since Big Puddle jacked up its prices, I have registered my own web site, "www.nevangove.com", with "alarchdu@nevangove.com" as my primary e-mail addy. All e-mail sent there is forwarded here and by the time I finally move and change ISPs, my mail will be ISP-independent. The blog will still be available on Facebook, Windows Live Spaces and Geocities ("http://au.geocities.com/alarchdu/alarchdu.html"). With the current takeover offerings between Yahoo and Microsoft, I don’t know how long Geocities will stay there, since they now want to change its name to "http://au.geocities.yahoo.com/alarchdu", just as the changed my Yahoo e-mail to "alarchdu@yahoo.com.au". Maybe I’ll just cover all bases and copy everything over. Although I’d rather spend my limited time writing new stuff.

About alarchdu

This blog is just a stream of consciousness. I was severely crippled in 2007, and these are the thoughts generated as I think on this.
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