Death And Lies


So Benazir Bhutto is dead, shot by a presumed Islamic fundamentalist, supposedly on the orders of Al Queada. Pakistanis have been rioting (19 dead at this time) and world leaders are falling over themselves in their arrogance to condemn such a disgrace. If Bhutto had been elected to office, the riots would have been worse.

At this stage, while the media (the ABC specifically) claims that there are riots against Musharraf and his US support, no one has hinted that perhaps moderate Muslims are involved in supporting Bhutto’s hard line against fundamentalists. Again, if Bhutto had been already elected to office, we might be seeing a moderate versus fundamentalist war erupting.

There has been little mention that one of Musharraf’s candidates was murdered a few days earlier. This shows that the official line is being muddied: a moderate killed at the behest of fundamentalists, but this is being ignored in favour of a Bhutto versus Musharraf feud.

Not surprisingly, world leaders are busy jumping into the fray, notably our Kevin Rudd and the US’s George Bush. What galls me is that non-prominent moderates and fundamentalists, political or apolitical, are being killed every day. But they just make the news as statistics.

What had made Bhutto’s murder a news item is that she was a prominent politician. It seems that people are fair game for murder if they are neither prominent nor political. But of course, prominent politicians are a breed apart.

All men are created equal, but politicians are more equal than others.

An interesting side issue is that Bhutto’s election in Pakistan would have shown every Muslim that moderation is what people want, not fundamentalism. This is not what the fundamentalists want. You just have to visit Afghanistan or Iraq to see this.

My belief is that it doesn’t matter of the victim was Kevin Rudd or a lift driver in Melbourne (to bring the issue back home). A human being was killed promoting his/her beliefs, and that is what counts. The prominence of the victim should not feed the appetites of the spin doctors.


A day later, and the death toll now stands at over 30, and Pakistan is at a standstill. A fundamentalist leader rejects it was a terrorist attack, arguing that a good Moslem male would not take a shot at a woman. Huh? I suppose a husband killing is wife for adultery, or his daughter for promiscuity, does not count? How about sending a woman to gaol because her students (not her, mind you) named a teddy bear "Mahommed"? Another attempt to disguise the fact that Bhutto’s death was religiously motivated?

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