Thus A Beginning: My First Post; Me!?!;

Thus A Beginning: My First Post

Monday 22 October, 2007 – 02:05

This is copied from my first blog, at "", because Big Puddle is always going down. No one has read this yet, which says a lot for its circulation.

Further down are lists of the posts I’ve made on Big Puddle, all chronoligical. Here, becaue of limitations in the numer of pages I can save (20 when I started), I have included related posts ion the one page, in order of writing. Have fun. Signing off, Friday NBovember 23rd, 2007, at 1950hours.

Just because you have read it before doesn’t mean I haven’t added to it. And it does serve as a good index. Thanks

I am trying to find support for living with the results of Legionnaires and MRSA, and have finally decided to join the WebRing detailed below. Maybe it will work?

Powered by" WebRing®.

I’ve tried to add the link above several times. And in several ways. Finally it erased all of this post, and I have no copy. Luckily I can create most of it, since I actually changed my approach after I received the first comments (which naturally do not make much sense now LOL).

It is Wednesday November 7th, for those interested. I am trying to recreate hunks of my first blog, withiout being too repetitive. The past few weeks have been very intensive, as I try to make up for mistakes since I left hospital a cripple. And as I learn from my mistakes in using a poor piece of hardware combined with a lousy Microsoft half-baked and emasculated operating system, I learn more about myself.

Wanda (my first comment on this blog ever) says I shouldn’t use the term "cripple", because it brings the wrong things to mind in most people. True. But those wrong things are better brought to mind thsn "right" things: I am crippled; I will not get better, but will worsen as my inability to walk strains my joints and decreases my chances for maintaining muscle tone (in the last month, I have lost a kilo but have gained 5cm around the waist, and feel weaker than when I escaped Bankstown in March, thanks to becoming unable to walk…and in a Catch-22 situation, it makes in even harder to exercise).

Some habits are being relearned. For example, it only takes me 55 seconds to put away the milk after putting my coffee into the microwave. When I first tried this, it took about 115 seconds. And now I can put water, milk, four spoons of sugar and two of coffee into my preferred mug, without spilling all of them. Unfortunately, by the time I make it back to the lounge, what was hot coffee has become tepid!

On the other hand, some habits that are inappropriate to me because of my poor unconscious muscle control are also returning. Most of these are when I try to type, and result in me accidentally deleting hunks of file (like the first version of this one). Of course, I can always blame the computer (well, it is lousy, but all I can afford). I can always say that a 1.8GHz processor lets me make mistakes 1,800 faster than I managed with my first desktop computer in 1979, but to be brutally honest, my throughput back then was much higher.

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These are the names of posts you will find in this blog, in order of initial writing. And I have found out what "Category" means (oops, now I have), but while I have managed to change a few, I can’t find my way back. And the usage meter still doesn’t record how much blog space I have used! Oh, Big Puddle, unconfuse poor little old me, pleaseeeee.

If some of the names and subheads seem familiar, maybe you are remembering the science fiction (and other genre) stories from which I have paraphrased them!


A comment from Sam (whom I remember as being my cheeky son, but who can trust a memory)? He says my complaint about having to learn yet a new hypertext markup language is not quite valid, referring only to published changes made to HTML.

Well, what about SMTL, XTPL, JavaScript (not only Microsoft’s aborted versions either), PH4, CGI scripting, XML, and other acronyms I can’t remember? Please, give an old man some credit, youngster!


It being now Wednesday, November 14th, and am wondering when Big Puddle will finally acknowledge this blog takes space? The usage metre reasd "0 MB". I am also waiting for Big Puddle to does as Grotty has hypothesised, and change the URL.


Big Puddle’s blogs went down in the middle of today (November 15th, 2007), leaving me missing half a post. But I had saved the completion elsewhere, so it was an inconvenience.

I originally started this blog by chance. I needed a way to practise typing, and the only way to do this was to actually write something. But as a former editor, I wanted an audience, partly for feedback, and partly if I started answering myself, I’d have to section me. As well, I wanted to vent about being a cripple. The trend to MRSA suppport started when I ran across impenetrable barriers everytime I tried to find out more. I really do want to know more, but feel I may have to interest some ambulance-chaser wanting a share of any damages payment.

Now I have to avoid spring-cleaning Margaret, who wlants me to shower and dress so I can take her to the hardware store and buy some ant-kill stuff LOL.


It is now early Monday November 18th, only a few days to yet another boring election. Yesterday a newspaper published part of my letter, heavily edited, about MRSA, published in in the post called "Was It Worth The Effort?". I didn’t expect it to be published. I just wanted to raise some interest (editors are generally judging letters a source of ideas for future stories). We’ll see. I may have to detail attemps at staging a coup d’etat to get more attention.



((more to come, soon and regular-like))


Friday 16 November, 2007 – 01:15

I’ve noticed that people only reveal themselves in blogs by what they say, and it is easy to jump to the wrong conclusions and have later posts misinterpreted to support those conclusions. I’ve found it better to reveal background fast, so people know better "just where you are coming from".


All I ever wanted was to have a good career and be respected in it, to be happily married, and to become a millionaire. I should have been more specific.

In my life to date, I’ve actually had several good careers, but it seems life made me move on. Officer trainee, experimental psychologist, magazine writer and editor (nominated for several awards), computer magazine editor several times over, newspaper columnist, freelance writer, senior technical officer, technical consultant, trainer, manager and engineer. Seems like a lot, but I usually managed several simultaneously, and the segue between careers seemed seamless.

At one stage I was considered to be the leading communications and communications consultant and writer in Australia LOL. I’ve actually out-survived most of my competition

I’ve been happily married a few times. Not now, and never again. But I have a pair of wonderful adult children who were well worth the journey.

And for a few weeks I was a millionaire on paper, until some Indian Government officials reneged on a deal. At that time I wasn’t too phased, since I was earning several times the average wage, and travelled overseas regularly. Since then, life has been financially generally pauperish.

What I learned in life, and what cost me so much to learn, is that I had "to be me". Not let anyone tell me to be someone else, and not to let my own timidity keep me from accepting responsibility.

Know anything?

I studied experimental psychology as an undergraduate, and managed to get in on the ground floor of computing: no matter where I went I was "the computer expert" (but generally only one step ahead of my students). did weird things for a while, including driving a truck and teaching at university.

I studied information technology, and worked in the area in the public service, after being granted the equivalence of a computer science degree. I tried my hand in the private sector as a computer magazine editor, then a columnist while I worked as a technical consultant internationally. It was during this time I was involved in the porting of Douglas Engelbart’s hypertext to UNIX (in 1985), and that really began the WWW (Tim Berners-Lee’s claims notwithstanding).

I down sized to my own company, then went back into computer publishing for several years, before prior occupational injures sidelined me on a pension. I studied and took multiple qualifications in engineering and then workplace training and management.

I was planning on starting a new career again when I ended up in hospital. Sigh.

What’s Up?

I was surprised to discover in 1995 the fruit of what I brokered in 1985, but I did spend a decade playing with the evolving computer and communications technology, even spending a lot of time using IRC to tour the world without leaving my flat.

I am totally mystified now. While I can design and build a computer from scratch (I can even use a soldering iron), and write the operating system (I remember in my early days that task was actually an exam you had to pass), I wonder why I would bother.

Since its advent in 1975, no one has really worked out why the desktop computer should have developed, and as a result no one knows where it will go. There is too much of what the marketplace in decision-making, and no one knows what decisions will happen and work. If the inventor of the spreadsheet still doesn’t know why anyone would bother with one, what can I do except keep spending time trying to slow the speed at which I fall behind the next generation?

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This blog is just a stream of consciousness. I was severely crippled in 2007, and these are the thoughts generated as I think on this.
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