What A Change!

What A Change!

Thursday 15 November, 2007 – 18:15 by Swannie just rambling again.

Two men were sitting in a pub having a beer (presumably one each). It could have been two women sharing an effete drink like a rum and coke, but that would ruin an already poor joke. One was expounding on things unimportant.

First man (very enthusiastically): "My wife is incredibly busy. But she copes with being short of time by careful scheduling. She has even told me when we will be able to have sex next!"

Second man (speaking with a fake Jamaican accent): " Dat be swell, mon! Cool runnings to ya. When is dat going to be?"

First man (enthusiastic but puzzled): " I worked it out to be June 6th, 1944. Must be a code."

Second man (very excited): "Hey mon, that be D-Day!"

First man (cheered by his success): "That’s right. When I asked her after we last were intimate, when we can do it again, she told me ‘That’ll be de day’!"


Of course there was the female who left a job interview puzzled. It appeared that the man conducting the interview had told her that he had a vacancy for her on his staff. She wasn’t sure if it was an employment offer or a request for some penile playing.


I know they are bad, but the only other jokes I laugh at these days are politicians!

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This blog is just a stream of consciousness. I was severely crippled in 2007, and these are the thoughts generated as I think on this.
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